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Small Madan pin brush in black - firm

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Small black Madan pin brush with firm cushion

Compact version of black Madan pin brush, which was specifically designed to use at the show ring or while out and about.

Ideal for all long coated dogs it is a firm favourite among owners and groomers of Afghan Hounds, Chow Chows, Collies, Lhasa Apsos, Old English Sheepdogs, Retrievers, Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Shi Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers and many double coated breeds. Being small, this pin brush facilitates easy access to the chest and legs of your pet, while easily brushing out tangles on types of hair.

This small pocket size Madan pin brush has firm rubber cushion with 9 rows of 22 mm pins that is manufactured with a patented design to prevent pins from being pushed in or pulled out. As a result, we get small pin brush with no sunken pin.

Its head measures 5cm / 2" across and 10cm / 4" high. The overall length of this compact pin brush is just 20 cm / 8" long. Being a very lightweight, weighting just 60 grams, it is a handy brush to have in your bag when travelling and great while in the dog show ring.

Handles of these Madan pin brushes are made from special black thermoplastic polymer material with silicon rubber, creating brush with superior strength, rigidity, hardness, gloss and toughness which are little affected by temperature and atmospheric conditions. This compact pin brush has an ergonomic handle with anti-slip grip and follows a Kinesiology design to avoid professional damage and groomer's fatigue.

This professional compact pin brush from Madan is simply the best pin brush for dogs we have ever used. We are delighted to be a supplier of this dog grooming brush in the UK at a very competitive price.

Free gift with every purchase

To prevent your Madan brush from going missing at dog shows, we will give you a special sticker with every purchase of pet brush from Dog Moda. Never lose your Madan pin brushes at dog shows!

Madan pet brush for dogs

This pet brush is available in two sizes - compact and standard.

Standard size comes in firm, medium and soft rubber cushion.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any help selecting the best pet brush, we will be more than happy to help you.

Great go to pin brush for my yorkie!
This mini pin brush is amazing! Makes grooming my havanese so much easier.
My maltese actually lets me brush her with this, and the brush has a nice, quality feel to it. Recommend!
Can't find a better pin brush for old english sheepdogs
Love this pin brush for my Yorkie. I've tried 3 different brushes and two combs but this brush is the best! Yes it is expensive but so worth it. Wish I would have just gotten it the first time.
Very gentle on our Malipoo. She looks great after being brushed
My Yorkie loves to be brushed with this pin brush, since buying it my daughter in law has used it on her Malshi with the same results, and my sister in law on her male Yorkie. They all lay peacefully while we brush them. I took it to our groomer so she could try it out and she was very impressed with how dogs reacted to being brushed with it.
Very happy with this pin brush! My yorkie seems to like it as well. He naps while I comb his hair now!
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