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Our handmade Italian Greyhound collars are stylish, look smart and at the same time are practical enough to be worn everyday. Please browse through our Italian Greyhound collars collection. These traditional IG collars designs would look great on all Italian Greyhounds. See which one you like!

Italian Greyhound Collars

One of our most popular Italian Greyhound collars designed and handmade for the IG of you life! These are the softest leather collars for Italian greyhounds with three hearts and soft leather lining. You have a choice of red, blue, beige, pink, cream, turquoise hearts or some of our new Italian Greyhound collar designs from Safari range.

Our IG collars are padded and lined with extremely soft goat skin leather, which makes them very comfortable for IG's delicate necks.

Due to the nature of Safari leather pattern no two Italian Greyhound collars are the same, each one is unique. These traditional handmade IG collars feature our improved buckle design and are generously padded for your dog's ultimate comfort.

Italian Greyhound Collar Size

XS size was introduced specifically to create collars for Italian Greyhounds. These collars in X-Small size will suit all IG's whose necks measure between 22 and 28 cm (8.5" - 11"). Our IG collars are 3.5 cm wide at the widest point and were specifically designed for Italian Greyhounds.

If your Italian Greyhound is slightly larger in size, you can consider Small size IG collars that will suit dogs whose necks measure between 28 and 33 cm. Please browse through the whole of sighhound collar section of our shop and just apply the size filter in order to view just collars available in Small size.

Please do not hesitate to call +44 (0) 20 3582 4532 or contact us if you need help in choosing the correct size collar for your Italian Greyhound. We are here to help!

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