Whippet collars

Handmade whippet collars

At Dog Moda we design and handmade leather whippet collars. Please browse through our lined and padded whippet collar range available in a great variety of colours and designs.

Our leather whippet collars are fully lined, comfortably padded and are especially shaped for whippet's long and delicate necks. The 'fishtail' design is wider than standard dog collars an drakes these collars safer and more comfortable to wear. Our handmade whippet collars have strong stainless steel buckles and solid D-rings, as well as two rivets for extra durability and strength.

Tiny XS and XXS sizes of our whippet collars are available to fit Italian greyhounds, whippet puppies and other small dog breeds.

Grey and all shades of blue and silver whippets should consider our handmade whippet collar made of dark silver grey leather embossed with snake skin imitation pattern and finished with black edge piping. This handmade traditional whippet collar is fully lined with soft black goat skin leather. Due to the nature of this leather pattern no two collars are the same, each one is unique.

Handmade leather whippet collars