Pet carnival takes place in Brazil

by Dog Moda

Whippet collar during pet carnival in BrazilDogs, sighthounds among them, in costumes attended the carnival pet parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday, February 19, 2017. People dressed up their pets for the annual block parade held near Copacabana beach.
(AP Photo/Leo Correa).

Brazilian canines allowed their people to dress them in masks and costumes last Sunday for a four-legged carnival held just days before the humans will hold their own party on the streets of Brazil.

The celebration started with the Banda Vira-lata, which means "Street Dog Band" in Portuguese, announcing the beginning of the festivities. People gathered with their dressed-up dogs at the edge of Copacabana beach for the annual "blocao," or block party, for pets.

Source: AP Photo/Leo Correa. Yahoo news.