Madan non-slip poodle spray comb

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Poodle spray / finishing comb 230 mm / 9" long with non-slip oval handle

This 230 mm / 9" long poodle spray comb with round handle has extra long evenly spaced 35 mm long pins.

Non-slip oval handle in stylish gold colour makes this a very comfortable comb to use.

Longer size and extra wide spaced teeth makes this an ideal finishing comb for all long and heavy coats. A classic Poodle spray comb design and a favourite choice for final touches and preparation in the show ring.

Extra smooth pins do not catch hair, eliminate friction and static build up and reduce coat breakage.

Madan is well-known for making some of the best pin brushes on the market, and these combs are no exception. Well designed, strong, lightweight, comfortable to use and made to last these combs are also very reasonably price too.

We recommend this comb for grooming all longer haired breeds. It is particularly suited for Poodles and Old English Sheepdogs (Bobtails), as well as finishing touches on Afghan hounds, Newfoundlands, Borzois, broads, Rough collies and St Bernards.

Poodle spray comb characteristics:

  • Highest quality comb
  • Extra strong
  • Aluminium
  • Oval non-slip handle in gold
  • 230 mm / 9" long
  • 35 mm long pins

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