Greyhound & Whippet leather hound collars from sighthound specialists

A luxurious range of unique handmade leather hound collars from sighthound specialists based in North London, UK. Dog Moda collars are made to stand out and combine premium leather with soft suede or leather lining and comfortable generous padding for extra support, comfort and protection.

We make practical, comfortable, sturdy and stylish wide hound leather collars designed specifically for all sighthound breeds: Whippets, Greyhounds, Lurchers, Afghan hounds, Salukis, Basenjis, smallest Italian Greyhounds and other dog breeds.

With over 50 years of experience in owning, showing, training, racing, judging and having fun with sighthounds we designed and created our own exclusive range of 'fishtail' sighthound collars in a range of widths and sizes to cater for unique needs of these unique dogs. Our handmade collars use high quality stainless steel buckles and solid D rings with two rivets for extra strength and security.

Please browse through our extensive dog collar collection of soft padded whippet and greyhound leather collars, leather dog leads, as well treat bags, leather key rings and charms, various types of Madan grooming combs, different reflective dog gear to keep your sighthounds safe at night and show dog products to find great accessories and gifts for sighthounds.

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Practical Whippet, Greyhound & Lurcher collars - combining comfort and style

Dog Moda are designers and manufacturers of high quality premium range of leather products for all sighthound breeds. We are based in London UK and have been trading since 2006. We design and make practical, comfortable and stylish sighthound collars, high quality police style dog training leads and accessories for all sighthounds, including Whippets, lurchers, Afghan hounds, Greyhounds, Salukis, Basenjis, Deerhounds, Borzois, Pharaoh hounds, Silken Windhounds the tiniest Italian Greyhounds and all other long necked slender breeds.

We have over 50 years experience of living with, loving, training, showing, racing and judging different sighthound breeds and have shared our home with Afghan hounds, Borzoi, Saluki and Silken Windhound breeds. Sighthounds are not just our speciality, they are our life and passion and we are happy to share our passion with you.

All Dog Moda's products are uniquely designed in house and handcrafted by us with the emphasis on style, practicality, durability and comfort. We do not sell products that we do not use ourselves, or have not tested on our own hounds. All our whippet greyhound collars are made from premium Italian leather with full leather or suede lining and soft cushioned padding throughout. Our hound collars are renowned for their exceptional built quality and style. We design and make them in house from the highest quality leather materials, and we do so with passion and hunger for perfection. We have many happy customers not only among sighthound breeds, but other breeds small and large ranging from Standard Poodles to Miniature Dachshunds, Chinese crested, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Westies. Few times a year we make limited edition hound collars.

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About Dog Moda: Hound collars, leather dog leads & stylish sighthound accessories

As specialist dog collar & lead manufacturers and leading designers of sighthound collars & accessories for hounds we work with many other trade and boutique customers designing and manufacturing own brand ranges of dog accessories for others.

We also design, make and have in stock a range of sighthound accessories which make perfect gifts for all dog and hound lovers. Dog Moda's customisable keyring rosettes and accessories are supplied to numerous dog show and equine clubs and associations, as well as charity organisation and are popular as dog show prizes, gifts and souvenirs.

We will help you to find right hound collar and leather dog lead for sighthounds

If you need help with choosing Dog Moda products for your sighthounds or have any questions, do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 20 3582 4532 or write to us.

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