Charitable donations

We regularly donate a proportion of our profits or Dog Moda products to UK dog charities of our choice and we also offer sponsorship to clubs and organisations, giving preference to organisations working with sighthound breeds.

Please contact us for further details, or if you would like to nominate your own club or charity.

As a small family business we can only fulfil a limited number of requests for donations out of many we receive each month from various dog clubs, organisations and groups. However, we always do try our best to help, and will consider all requests sent to us.

Current & previous donations

Donations to breed clubs and events:

Afghan Hound Association, UK

Afghan Hound Club of South Africa

Southern Afghan Club, UK

Midland Afghan Hound Club, UK

Nottingham Afghan Hound Traning Club, UK

East Of England Afghan Club, UK

Afghan Hound Club of Scotland, UK

SA-FA (Finnish Afghan Hound club), Finland

Midwestern Afghan Hound Club, USA

Belgian Whippet Club, Belgium

The Festival of The Saluki 2007, UK

The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club, UK

UK Silken Windhound Club (website)

Donations to general sighthound clubs:

British Sighthound Field Association, UK

Slovenian Sighthound Club, Slovenia

Danish Sighthound Club, Denmark

Watford Agility Club, UK (although not really a sighthound club, WAC is a great place for agility training with your 'untrainable' sighthounds)

UK Sighthound Sport (website)

Donations to dog charities:

Greyhoundhomer RGT

Greyhound Rescue West of England

Greyhound Walks (website)

Hounds First Sighthound Rescue (website)

Hungarian Vizsla Rescue Group, Surrey, London (website)

I Heart Whippets (website)

Kent Greyhound Rescue (website)

Lozzas Lurcher rescue (website)

READ Greyhounds - Scotts and Batman

TIA Greyhound Rescue (website)

Sighthounds Online (website)

Other charities we support:

Macmillan Cancer Support

Can't Stop Running For The Hills fundraising group (website)

Wisdom Hospice