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Add an ID tag to your house collar for complete peace of mind

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House / ID tag leather hound collar for sighthounds

House collars are often used around the house and garden for convenience and security. They are lightweight comfortable collars for sighthounds designed not to be exposed to harsh elements for long durations.

Our house collars are a streamlined version of the hound collar with less weight and bulk to make them very comfortable to wear indoors during the day and while snoozing. These handmade house collars are fully lined with softest cream leather and padded for ultimate comfort and are gentle on the coat and neck.

As an extra feature, our house collars have a buckle and D-ring should you wish to attach an ID tag for extra peace of mind or need to clip on a dog lead in an emergency situation.

These house / ID tag collars come in two designs and available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Tested and used on a daily basis by young and energetic Greyhounds, Whippets, Saluki, Afghan hounds.

Please do not hesitate to call +44 (0) 20 3582 4532 or contact us if you need help in choosing the correct size house collar for your hounds. We are here to help!

This house collar came the next day and I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product. We have initially ordered it to attach our rescue Greyhound’s ID tag to it while he roams around the house and garden. However, now I do not bother changing it and I use this collar to go on short walks and quick runs to the Post Office, as it is very well made out of high quality leather and sturdy enough to be used every day if you dog does not pull much. Highly recommended collar!
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Sighthound collar size guide

Sighthound collar size guide from Dog Moda

Large size hound collars

Large size collars fit neck size 40-50cm (16" - 19.5"), 5.5 cm wide: hound collars for Afghan hound, Borzoi, Deerhound, Greyhound.

Medium size hound collars

Medium size collars fit neck size 33-42cm (13" - 16.5"), 5 cm wide: hound collars for Afghan hound, Ibizan hound, Greyhound, Saluki, Sloughi, Lurcher.

Small size hound collars

Small size collars fit neck size 28-33cm (11" - 13"), 4 cm wide: hound collars for Whippets, Basenji, smaller Lurcher, larger puppies, Dachshunds, terriers, poodles, Chineese Cresteds.

X-Small size hound collars

X-Small size collars fit neck size 22-28cm (8.5" - 11"), 3.5 cm wide: hound collars for Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Whippet puppies, puppies of other dog breeds.

XX-Small size hound collars

XX-Small size collars fit neck size 18-22cm (7" - 8.5"), 3.5 cm wide: hound collars for Italian Greyhounds, Whippet puppies.

Measuring your dog for a sightound collar

It is essential that you correctly measure your hound's neck (or a collar that fits your dog) for a prefect, comfortable and safe fit.

Guide on how to measure your hound dog for a sightound collar

Our collars sizes are given as neck measurements, not the total length of the collar. The neck size given is the distance to the first (B) and the last (C) hole from the buckle (A).

Size XXS collar, for example, is sized for necks between 18cm and 22cm (7" - 8.5"). This means that the distance from the buckle to the first hole is 7" and the distance to the last hole is 8.5".

You can measure your hound by using a soft tape measure or ribbon and wrapping it around your hound's neck from below the chin to behind the ears. This measurement will be the smallest size collar that will comfortably fit your dog, but, at the same time, is tight enough to ensure that your slender hound can not back out off the collar.

If measuring the existing collar please measure from the buckle to the hole you are using. Please do not measure the total length of your existing collar as these will give you a wrong measurement for your Dog Moda collar.

Should your require a looser fit collar for your dog, you can measure neck circumference around the centre of your hound's neck and not under the chin and ears.

As an example, if your measurement is 20cm (8") then your hound will require a 20cm (8") size XXS collar. Please note that our collar sizes are deliberately designed to overlap allowing you to choose the width that you feel is most appropriate for you dog.

Should you need help in choosing the correct size collar for your sighthound please call +44 (0) 20 3582 4532 or contact us with any questions. We are here to help!