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Soft padded beige snake skin patterned leather sighthound collar - NEW

Wonderfully soft and comfortable this is a new our own firm favourite this is a great everyday leather hound collar made from genuine 100% leather embossed with imitation snake skin pattern. Main collar leather colour and lining is best described as coffee with milk. The edge piping is an off white colour.

All Dog Moda's leather collars are fully padded and lined for ultimate comfort, and this animal print dog collar with snake skin pattern is no exception.

Due to the nature of embossed leather pattern no two hound collars are the same, each print of beige snake hound collar has a unique look.

This elegant collar that looks great on white, cream, gold, fawn and black sighthounds.

Combining style, practicality and comfort this handmade leather sighthound shaped collar is strong, durable yet lightweight and extremely comfortable on long delicate necks. Handmade using strong solid D rings, high quality rivets, reinforced by double stitching, fully padded and lined throughout the whole length of the collar.

This collar is now availabale in Small and Medium sizes to fit all sighthound breeds such as Whippets, Salukis, Greyhounds, Afghan hounds and all lurchers.

Tested on London streets, in the fields and on the beach by our young and energetic Chief Product Tester smooth Saluki Altai.

Please do not hesitate to call +44 (0) 20 3582 4532 or contact us if you need help in choosing the correct size collar or lead for your hounds. We are here to help!

Matching lead available for this beige snake leather collar - SAVE £5.00

Add a luxuriously soft and light tan or white rolled leather leads for a truly stunning matching set. You save £5.00 buying collar and lead together.

Decorative collar tassels for beige leather hound collar - SAVE £5.00

Why not decorate your hound's collar with one of our exclusive collar tassels - choose from either orange or brown to match your collar.

Dog Moda tassels are designed and handmade exclusively by us in the UK and you save £5.00 off the custom made collar tassel price when ordering a matching tassel with the collar.

Tassels are made from the highest quality beads and materials, we do not use cheap plastic beads. Each tassel is unique and no two tassels are alike, making them a stylish decoration for your hound's collar.

White lead set

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Again, I cannot praise this company highly enough & Victor in particular for his invaluable & patient help & advice. If you look at the lovely Brown Python collar, I've written more details in my review of this collar. My fawn Whippet, Oliver, just looks spectacular in this fawn collar, plus an almost matching fawn lead. My collar isn't edged in white though, so the lead matches this edge. All these collars are so well made & soft, they look better & better as they're worn by our doggos. Very special. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much for this lovely collar. It is amazing and matches the lead perfectly.
Thank you for River's lovely new collar, I think it looks gorgeous on her!
Thanks again for your kind help and thanks to Victor too.
I have always looked for special collars for my lurcher. I found your site last year and purchased the dark brown snakeskin look one. I was very
impressed with the look and quality plus the price. It is still in good condition after having a lot of wear as my dogs do a lot of free running in woodland.

Purchased two more that have a great look and the same good quality. Using old one for muddy runs lighter snakeskin is for general use and the stunning tiger fur for lurcher shows. These shows and country fairs I go to are now starting and my saluki lurcher girl is quite stunning she always attracts attention. Collars will be noticed so I will not hesitate to mention your name and website. Best collars I have ever found. Regards Terry
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Sighthound collar size guide

It is essential that you correctly measure your hound's neck (or a collar that fits your dog) for a prefect, comfortable and safe fit. Our collar sizes are given as neck measurements, not the total length of the collar. Read below if you need guidance on how to measure your dog for a new collar.

Sighthound collar size guide from Dog Moda

Large size hound collars

Large size collars fit neck size 40-50cm (16" - 19.5"), 5.5 cm wide: hound collars for Afghan hound, Borzoi, Deerhound, Greyhound.

Medium size hound collars

Medium size collars fit neck size 33-42cm (13" - 16.5"), 5 cm wide: hound collars for Afghan hound, Ibizan hound, Greyhound, Saluki, Sloughi, Lurcher.

Small size hound collars

Small size collars fit neck size 28-33cm (11" - 13"), 4 cm wide: hound collars for Whippets, Basenji, smaller Lurcher, larger puppies, Dachshunds, terriers, poodles, Chineese Cresteds.

X-Small size hound collars

X-Small size collars fit neck size 22-28cm (8.5" - 11"), 3.5 cm wide: hound collars for Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Whippet puppies, puppies of other dog breeds.


XX-Small size hound collars

XX-Small size collars fit neck size 18-22cm (7" - 8.5"), 3.5 cm wide: hound collars for Italian Greyhounds, Whippet puppies.

Our collar sizes are deliberately designed to overlap allowing you to choose the width that you feel is most appropriate for your dog. Fixing holes are evenly spaced on collars. You can always ask for an extra hole to be made, if your dogs falls right between sizes.


How to measure your dog for a sighthound collar

Our collar sizes are given as neck measurements, not the total length of the collar. The neck size given is the distance from the buckle (A) to the first (B) and the last (C) hole.

For example, the size XXS collar is sized for necks between 18cm and 22cm (7" - 8.5"). This means that the distance from the buckle to the first hole A is 7" and to the last hole B is 8.5". As long as, your dog's neck is somewhere between 7" and 8.5", this is the size to go for.


Guide on how to measure your hound dog for a sightound collar


If you already have a collar, the easiest method would be to measure your existing collar. Please measure from the buckle to the hole you are using.

Otherwise, you can measure your hound by using a soft tape measure, ribbon or anything that can be wrapped around your hound's neck from below the chin to behind the ears. This measurement will be the smallest size collar that will comfortably fit your dog, but, at the same time, is tight enough to ensure that your slender hound can not back out off the collar.

Add 10-20mm should you require a looser fit collar for your dog. If you want to be precise, measure neck circumference around the centre of your hound's neck and not under the chin and ears.

Should you need help in choosing the correct size collar for your sighthound please call +44 (0) 20 3582 4532 or contact us with any questions. We are here to help!