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Customer made Dog Moda collar tassel and bag charm

Our beautiful handmade beaded tassels make an attractive decoration for our hound collars highlighting your hound's individuality. Alternatively, tassel could make a fashionable handbag charm or unusual key ring.

Please choose the colour and size of your tassel to create a unique decoration for your dog's collar - no two are ever the the same!

Personalised dog collar tassels

Just let us know your preferred colour scheme and we will create a unique tassel for you to match your hound's collar or a handbag.

In addition, you can use letter beads to create a truly personalised tassel. Please contact us with your custom requests, and allow up to 2 weeks for your personalised made to order tassel to reach you.

Tassel size to match your hound's collar

We recommend a small tassel for all small hound collars (XXS, XS and S), and a large tassel for medium and large collars (M to L).

The tassels look excellent on my Saluki but one fell apart on her first day out. It broke where the large bead joins the thread. The clasp is good though.
Thank you very much for the personalised tassels are lovely, they were worth the wait.
Thank you so much for the great collar, tassel and snooood!!!
We are very happy! They look great on Shane, who is a very proud Afghan now!
Your customer service is simply SUPER.
Just to let you know the tassels arrived today and they are fantastic, I'm so pleased with them. They look fantastic on the boys. Thank you so much. I also like the fact that the wire that they are on is really strong. No doubt the tassels will get compliments and I will make sure I tell them about your website. When I need tassels in the future I'll be ordering from you without a doubt.
Thanks again.
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