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New reflective safety collars from Dog Moda

by Dog Moda
New reflective dog collars from DogModa

Be safe! Be bright! Be seen! Be wise! Use reflective collars for increased visibility and safety in low light conditions.

Did you know that UK highway code, as well as road regulations in many other countries, requires all road users to wear something reflective at night to help others see you.

FREE gifts with every order of hound collars and dog leads from Dog Moda

by Dog Moda
Reflective dog tag as a free gift with every order at Dog Moda

We value your custom and would like to show our appreciation by giving every Dog Moda customer a FREE small, but functional present.

Basenji temperament – living with an African sighthound

by Dog Moda

Basenji dogs are alert and affectionate. They deserve special Basenji collars

Did you know that these elegant little high spirited dogs were originally bred in Africa as a hunting hound?

With their owners Basenjis are very affectionate, loyal and smart. They are eager to please and so, as long as you establish leadership, your Basenji will be easy to train.

Pet carnival takes place in Brazil

by Dog Moda

Whippet collar during pet carnival in BrazilDogs, sighthounds among them, in costumes attended the carnival pet parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday, February 19, 2017. People dressed up their pets for the annual block parade held near Copacabana beach.
(AP Photo/Leo Correa).

Liver dog treats recipe or how to train an Afghan hound

by Dog Moda

Afghan hounds have a reputation for being impossible to train .... but speaking from personal experience, a patient approach, good sense of humour and an irresistible liver cake in one's treat bag one can convince even this one of the most independent and strong willed breeds to fetch slippers, come back when called, go through agility tunnel and even do scent work!

Liver dog treats recipe. How to train an Afghan houndLiver dog treats recipe. How to train your hound

Are you breaking the law? From April 6, 2016 microchipping of all hounds is a legal requirement

by Dog Moda

Microchipping hounds in the UK

From 6 April 2016 all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales are legally required to be microchipped and details registered with one of the six authorised databases:

The Italian Greyhound temperament – what's so special about it?

by Dog Moda

Understanding the Italian Greyhound temperament

Italian GreyhoundAs far as the Italian greyhound temperament is concerned, a typical dog of this breed is often playful, affectionate, smart, and has a kind disposition. She tends to be more submissive and lives to please her owner.

An Italian greyhound pays a good deal of attention to the tone of voice you use. If he senses that you're too soft, he may not listen to you, which, contrarily, can also occur if you're too harsh.

Italian greyhounds are great at socializing with people, though they can become either skittish or shy if their owners overprotect or "baby" them.

What is a greyhound collar? Does my lurcher or whippet need to wear a special sighthound collar?

by Dog Moda
Fish tail shaped sighthound collar for whippets, greyhounds, lurchers and hounds

Have you ever wondered why greyhound, whippets and lurchers often wear wide leather collars and what makes these collars especially suited for sighthounds?

Savings on Madan pin brushes

by Dog Moda
Madan pin brushes

Madan pin brushes for sale by UK supplier Dog Moda

We believe these pin brushes, made by Madan, are the best on the market and that no grooming bag should be without one. It is a great brush for long coated breeds like Afghan Hounds, Lhasa Apsos, Shi Tzus, Chow Chows, Collies, Old English Sheepdogs, Poodles and Shetland Sheepdogs.

Not only do they come in a range of yummy colours (choose from Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Orange, Purple or Black), they also seem to last forever as patented design prevents the pins from pushing in.