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Hound collars

Our soft and comfortable leather hound collars are stylish, look smart and are designed for sighthounds and other long necked breeds who need extra padding. All our hound collars are fully lined, fully padded and are wider than standard dog collars to make them more comfortable to wear. Please browse through our hound collar collections - all available in a great range of colours and designs.

Leather sighthound collars

Please browse through our sighthound collars collection. We are sighthound collar designers based in London, UK who handmade high quality, soft and padded leather sighhound collars that are smart, fancy, stylish, yet practical for all sighthounds, including Whippet, Italian Greyhound, Greyhounds, Afghan hound, Saluki, Azawakh, Lurcher Deerhound, Borzoi, Basenji and others.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help selecting the right sighthound collar for your dog.