Soft padded handmade leather hound collars & dog leads with style

Dog Moda design and handmade stylish high unique quality sighthound products based in London, UK. We make practical, comfortable, long lasting and stylish leather hound collars and leather dog leads for all sighthounds, including Whippets, Greyhounds, Lurchers, Afghan hounds, Salukis,Basenjis, smallest Italian Greyhounds and other hound breeds. With over 25 years experience of owning, showing, training, racing, judging and having fun with Afghan hounds we design and produce our own exclusive range of products to cater for unique needs of these unique dogs. Please browse through our extensive product collection of soft padded collars, leather dog leads, as well as pin brushes, treat bags, key rings and hound accessories. All dog products on this website are in stock and available for immediate dispatch from our London, UK by 1st class Royal Mail for next day UK delivery. European and US based hounds should allow an extra 5-7 days for their order to arrive.

Leather hound collars, leads and accessories - Reduced

Practical comfortable hound products with style

Dog Moda, designers of high quality hound products in London UK, provide practical, comfortable and stylish hound collars, leads & accessories for all sighthounds, including whippets, lurchers, afghans, greyhounds, salukis and others.

We do not just make the best hound collars money can buy, we do something bigger than that, we create experiences that surpass all material possessions. Our hound collars are renowned for their exceptional built quality and style. We design and make them in house from the highest quality leather materials, and we do so with passion and hunger for perfection.

It is a good thing we are British company, because we know all there is to know about making hound collars and leather leads for dogs. With the finest and best skilled people, we push the boundaries every day. As a result, this has made us one of the leading designers of hound collars, leads and accessories for sighthounds.

Crafted in Britain.

Good craftsmanship means well finished, refined hound collar. It is almost like a different language. People react to craftsmanship in a emotional way, because it opens up something inside of them. They feel something, they feel an emotion when you can sense a human inside our hound products.