Hound collars

Leather collars for hounds

At Dog Moda we design and handmade leather hound collars. Our leather hound collars are stylish, look smart and at the same time are practical enough to be worn everyday. These traditional collars feature our improved buckle design and are generously padded for your hound's ultimate comfort.

Our soft leather hound collars are fully lined, comfortably padded and are especially shaped for hound's long and delicate necks. The 'fishtail' design is wider than standard dog collars, which makes these collars safer and more comfortable to wear. Our handmade hound collars have strong stainless steel buckles and solid D-rings, as well as two rivets for extra durability and strength.

Soft padded leather collars for hounds

We have presented some of our most popular hound collars for your consideration. However, please browse through our lined and padded hound collar collection available in a great variety of other colours and designs. See which one you like!

Why hounds need special collars

Apart from 'special collars for special dogs' argument, hounds need wider dog collars resembling fishtail shape (widest in the middle getting narrower where it buckles together) because with them having such long slender necks a normal dog collar could easily damage their delicate necks when they pull.

As a result our hound collars are soft and padded, but most importantly are wide, so that collars do not put a lot of pressure on one small area of hound's fragile neck. In fact, any dog that has a neck prone to injury due to its size or shape, shouldn't be on an ordinary narrow flat collar.

Moreover, due to the shape of hound's head, you would find that a lot of them can slip out of a normal narrow collars.

Measuring hound collar size

Our hound collars sizes are given as neck measurements, not the total length of the collar. The neck size given is the distance to the first (B) and the last (C) hole from the buckle (A).

Hound collar size measuring guide from Dog Moda

In addition to the Small size, tiny XS and XXS sizes of our hound collars were created to fit hound puppies and smaller hounds.

Large hound collars: 40 - 50 cm (16" - 19.5"), 5.5 cm wide collars for large hound breeds.

Medium hound collars: 33 - 42 cm (13" - 16.5"), 5 cm wide collars for medium hound breeds.

Small hound collars: 28 - 33 cm (11" - 13"), 4 cm wide collars for small hounds.

X-Small hound collars: 22 - 28 cm (8.5" - 11"), 3.5 cm wide collars for hound puppies.

XX-Small hound collars: 18 - 22 cm (7" - 8.5"), 3.5 cm wide collars for small hound puppy.

About Dog Moda: maker of soft leather hound collars

Stylish soft padded leather hound collars, dog leads, treat bags, key rings and accessories designed handmade in UK for all hounds.

If you need help with choosing Dog Moda products for your hounds or have any questions, do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 20 3582 4532 or send us a message. We are open to help on Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30, while on Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00.

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Leather accessories for hounds

As specialist hound collar, dog lead manufacturers and leading designers of hound collars & accessories we design, make and have in stock a range of hound accessories which make perfect gifts for all dog and hound lovers. Dog Moda's custom designed dog show prizes, souvenirs keyring rosettes and accessories are supplied to various dog show clubs, associations and charity organisation$.

What customers say about our padded hound collars

Dog Moda's customer service is excellent and unbeatable. Having already made several purchases that have surpassed expectations, I will definitely be returning.
I’ve had this red hearts hound collar for over 5 years now and I’m so pleased with the quality. Thank you!
Collar came quickly and was the right size for my hound. Very high quality collar, unlike plastic or nylon variations I had in the past. This one is made of good leather and very generously padded. Most importantly is that it reflects light, making my little hound very visible. Thank you!
I like this MOD dog collar. Great collar for my hound to accompany me to MOD events.
I just love these bespoke hound collars!!! They are awesome!
Very pleased with this traditional leather hound collar. Nicely made of very soft real leather. Love it!

Handmade soft leather hound collars
Hound Collars - Soft padded leather collars for hounds